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Professional Training


Technical Lectures

In light of ongoing multidisciplinary integration of the robotics industry, we regularly host top technical experts from fields of computer vision, deep learning, autonomous driving, supply chain resource, and brand marketing to elaborate on the frontiers of cutting-edge technology

Professional Training

Everything Product

From product definition and design to prototype production and scale-up, XbotPark provides all-around product development support through skill-focused workshops and 1-on-1 consulting.

We also value the protection of legitimate startup interests, providing educational resources that cover design, technology R&D, patents, and prototypes over product iterations and life cycles to establish a comprehensive and sustainable business-industrial space.

Open-Ended Industry Training

Students, instructors, and off-campus industry mentors collaborate on Final Year Projects as an omnipotent learning platform, combining first-hand experience in robotics with key project nodes such as open-ended training, midterm inspection, and final defense.

Professional Training

Down In The Lab

Our abundance of professional laboratory and machine testing equipment creates an instant and practical research platform, centered around such resources as 3D printing lab, woodworking workshop, laser cutting laboratory, industry and academic literature library, and other robotics and design teaching tools.

Professional Training


Entrepreneur Camp

Our exclusive robotics summer camp brings together intelligent hardware entrepreneurship training, direct onsite industry research, and the convening of high-quality entrepreneurial and robotics talents from around the world. Training starts from an industry- and user-centered perspective, integrating technology, engineering, business, and design thinking into the landing of real projects.

Professional Training

Supply Chain Mentorship

Excellent supply chains are a crucial requirement for startups in the robotics and intelligent hardware industry. This involves quick and efficient access to high-quality support at every step of the entrepreneurial process.

With our extensive network of physical and knowledge supply chains, XbotPark provides uncustomary guidance in reaching those difficult-to-find resources through exclusive supplier recommendations, company visits, networking opportunities, seminars, and more.

Networking Events

Gain ground-level insights into the recent entrepreneurial experiences of XbotPark founders through alumni-guided seminars and case-studies. Networking opportunities with angel investors, world-famous entrepreneurs, and leaders in industry, law, and technology also bring together the perspectives and insights of every domain.

Professional Training Professional Training

Long- & Short-Term Internships

Our flexible and personalized internship program provides university students with a dual-selection docking platform. Talented undergraduates can intern in various positions within the startup companies, experience entrepreneurial life, and tap the potential of a future career path.

University Resources

We practice exchanges with 50 universities at home and abroad—including HKUST, Olin College of Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, and Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute.

Professional Training
Professional Training

Industry Exchanges

From seed to table agriculture, from decentralized to connected smart homes, we open product marketing channels for XbotPark and incubated teams to unlock new modes of industry communication and cooperation.

Robotics Competitions

We closely follow national robotics competitions every year to create collaborative avenues for support and conversation between aspiring talent of preeminent robotics competition teams and recruiting XbotPark startups.

Professional Training Professional Training

Exhibitions & Summits

Enjoy opportunities to exhibit with XbotPark or recruit top talent at academic and industrial conferences with XbotPark across the world!

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